Who are we?

Started in October 2000, the ant is an organization based in Rowmari in Lower Assam. It works directly in villages for furthering the pace of development in the areas mainly falling under Chirang District of Bodoland in Lower Assam (around 170 km from Guwahati, the capital of Assam). At another level, it works to build up the voluntary sector in the northeast region.

the ant   was started by Sunil Kaul (who had been a medical doctor in the army and later left to work in villages first in Rajasthan and since 1996, in Assam) and Jennifer Liang (a trained social worker with family in Bangalore who also came to the northeast in 1996). The two were supported in forming the ant by (Late) Sh. Ravindranath Upadhyay, a reputed Gandhian of the Sarvodaya Movement who had worked in remote villages of Assam for over 40 years. The three came together to start the ant, the main goal of which was to work for the development of the northeast region through voluntary action.

Vision :

A peaceful world where there is love, respect and dignity for all.


Mission :

To work towards sustainable and holistic development with rural and poor voiceless communities mainly in the northeast.


Values we Cherish:

Ahimsa, honesty, humility, love, trust, truth and forgiveness.