1.The ant’s weaving programme & Aagor Daagra Afad has distributed wages worth almost Rs. 2 crore since 2002-03 only through weaving. Salaries of local staff and other income generation activities are separate. More than 300 poor housemaids have been rehabilitated.

3.One of the first agencies in the northeast to develop the Community Health Worker and Barefoot Doctor model. The Manual we created and our personnel helped in formulating the Mitanin concept in Chhatisgarh which ultimately became the ASHA model for the country.

Community Laboratory model attracted WHO and National Institute of Malaria Research to come over and see the model for themselves of how just a one month training of microscopists could get 95% correct results!

4.The innovative Women’s cycle bank has given over 500 women and girls access to cycles; it has 6 sustainable chapters run by women’s federations and many other organisations have adopted this idea.

5. 10 girls football teams formed in an area where girls never played football; in the first year itself, 8 girls played at District level and 1 girl played at the State level!