Education to poor children means, doing household chores, taking care of siblings and going to school, thus began the after-school centres

The project which started off as evening study centres, as spaces for children to group and study peacefully, has now grown into ‘Children Development Centres’ for enriched education. This also includes remedial classes for middle school children and residential coaching for girls appearing for Class 10 matriculation exams. The project also encompasses providing supplementary teachers to schools that have few or no teachers at all.

the ant's After-school evening study centres in Deosiri village

After-school evening study centres in Deosiri village
the ant's children development centres

Children development centres

No of Chidren Development centres – 25
    Age groups                                        – 6 to 10

The ant is supported by Sh. Kamal Agarwal through Arpan Foundation in Deosiri and Kukling villages for two years in a row.

A rally unique to the education in village children was organized in Deosiri on 28th September 2015, when children of the evening study centres unanimously raised their voice demanding “books are our best friends, do not separate us.” The demand was directly placed before over 150 parents in a meeting following the rally. The adults were moved to tears, when child after child, especially girls, stood up bravely and pleaded with the parents to allow them to go to school, instead of keeping them behind to look after their siblings or fetch firewood.