Science had been a mystery subject for most of the kids here, as huge amount of theory often frightens them, rather than kindling interest in them

Adding to this, there had been a severe crisis of science teachers in Assam. Keeping the challenges in mind, the ant started Project Bigyaan or the Science on Wheels project. This project works at making science-learning, an exciting fun, rather a daunting task. The children receive laboratory expereince , which unfortunately had been a privilege for those studying in government schools here. We circulate what we call ‘Lab-In-a-Box’, a complete kit of demonstration and experiments in biology, chemistry and physics among a cluster of schools in one geographic area on a fort-nightly basis. To facilitate easier understanding and knowledge gaps, we also station our Science facilitators to support the teachers in this.


Number of students benefitting                       – 1761

Number of govt. schools covered                     – 23

Number of villages reached                              – 200

Science workshops conducted for Class 10     –   18

the ant's Science on Wheels project in government schools in Assam

Science on Wheels project in a government school


the ant recruits science facilitators who facilitates Science on Wheels project in government schools
Science Facilitators guiding students in their practicals

The ant was supported by Agastya Foundation in knowledge capacity and training. Also supported by grants from ChildAid Network, Germany and Nucleus Software Foundation, Delhi

– In periodic science exams conducted, students from our partner schools scored 25% more than students from out-reach programmes.

– 23 small village level awareness programmes with 1199 people; “Science stalls” in 2 public events – atleast 5000 students and adults visited.

-18 science workshops with a total of 360 sttudents, of which 189 were girls and 171 boys

-17 Science Outreach programmes conducted in hard to reach schools with a total of 728 participants.