While sports and education is a routine for most of the urban kids, the Right of Development through quality education, play and other activities

is often unavailable to children in far-flung government schools.

As an effort to bridge these obvious gaps, the ant took to sports for bringing about over-all development. Started in April 2015, the project takes advantage of the children’s groups in villages formed some years back. Every week, 20-25 children in the S4D groups meet and do what they always love to do – PLAY. But, play according to a curriculum that is designed to address issues like improved school attendance, confidence building, inter-personal skills, handling conflicts to name a few.

                        Number of children             – Over 3200

                        Number of children groups – 120

Age group                           – 8-16 years

Duration                              – 3 years

S4D - Sports for development (4)

S4D sessions in Deosiri village

S4D - Sports for development (3)


The ant hire services of The Magic Bus Foundation for the curriculum and technical inputs for the project, which is supported by DKA, Austria.

Frisbee Fun: As part of S4D project, we have tried to publicise the game of Frisbee in our villages, no expensive, gender-inclusive game. The game has helped in building self-discipline and honesty among kids as there are no referees. Started in Deosiri village, the kids as well as the youth had taken up to the game of “Ultimate Frisbee” with 10 teams and about 150 players already in Deosiri. The project had been developed under the guidance of Mr. Anish Mukherjee, founder of the Art of Play foundation, Kolkata and is supported by Arpan Foundation. When we were informed that our Deosiri kids score a 5.5 in a skill-measuring scale against the 7 scored by starter level kids of U.S, it sure was a moment of joy and a confidence-booster!