Livelihood Security is what every household craves for. But can it be sustainable and not harmful to the

Building Sustainable Livelihoods
Keeping that in mind, our vision for this programme is to make sure

“Vulnerable households have livelihood security which is sustainable and not harmful to the environment”.

ant’s earlier livelihoods interventions
Over the years, the ant has built a number of livelihood security programmes – some of which have worked well and some not. We have learnt from those mistakes and now building programmes that would
1.Eri Silk Development : The Eri Silk Project was an ambitious attempt to get the entire earnings – from cocoon to cloth – to remain in the village. We got our women’s groups to start rearing silk worms, we purchased their cocoons to form a cocoon bank, spinners were trained in special machines to spin eri yarn and then the yarn were to be given to the weavers for weaving…. That’s when it stopped!

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