“ So that Women & Girls enjoy gender justice and live a life of equality, dignity and equal opportunities”.

a.Jagruti groups & Jagruti Federation
Our very first intervention in the community, we have been forming women’s Self Help Groups (called Jagruti Groups) and federating them.
We current have 180 active women’s Jagruti Groups with over 2400 members who carry out Savings & Credit and Income Generation Activities.
The groups have been federated into 10 Jagruti Federations who work on Stopping Violence Against Women and Girls and run the chapters of the Jagruti Women’s Cycle Bank
All the Federations are able to independently plan, mobilize and executive large women’s day celebrations and other social campaigns. These women’s day celebrations involve over 4000 – 5000 women and men from the groups and community.

The Future

  • Our next real big challenge is to have a robust programme to involve men and boys in working for women and girl’s empowerment.
  • Another challenge is to build up women from our groups systematically to take on leadership in their villages and societies.

b.Women’s Cycle Bank
Back in 2006…..

  • There was no public transport in our area and women’s mobility highly limited
  • men owned and rode the cycles
  • with their traditional clothes, women could not ride gents cycles
  • married women discouraged from riding cycles …..

To address all this, we started the Women’s Cycle Bank in 2006. This is an innovation we are proud of. Today, over 600 cycles are being revolved by 6 independent cycle bank chapters run by women. We organized cycle learning camps, cycle races and cycle rallies to make women riding on cycles a common accepted norm.