After the 2014 ethnic violence, it has been a harsh year for the violence-hit people of Deosri, near the Bhutan border

Having lived in relief camps for most part of the year, they lost almost everything – home,livestock, income, savings,crops and most importantly sense of security. It was tough to build up life in itself from the scratch, even if they managed to return to their villages. Though some families received help from the government and other humanitarian aid agencies, it was not enough to battle the harsh of their enemies – bitter cold that comes with winters. Most of the families were even then living in roof-less and wall-less “shelters”. With help from “Caring Friends” group, the ant carried out a ‘Clothes-for-work’initiative, where around 500 riot-affected families were supported. Each family was given a pack of two blankets and a tarpaulin sheet, each in exchange for a day’s labour of some community-identified work.

the ant's Clothes for work initiative in conflict areas of north-east
Families in Deosri relief camps

What started as immediate relief measure has now evolved into a rural development programme in Deosri village. the ant gets support from Arpan Foundation to work on improving education quality, making kitchen gardens and developing horticulture, organizing women for their empowerment