The Right of Development through quality education, play and other activities is often denied to children in government

Though talented and enthusiastic, they do not get a chance to develop their potential. The ant has been working to create a rich and varied learning experience for children in our villages and through that, to help them develop their potential to the fullest.
For the past few years now, our team has been forming children’s groups in villages and carrying out activity sessions with them using games; drama; art and craft, song & dance etc. Every Summer and Winter holidays sees us organizing fun activity camps along with the children. We are the first to give such opportunities to village children in our area. The learning exchange and celebrations & events promote cross-cultural exchange even as children gather to interact and learn.
S4D (Sports For Development) Project : Children’s Development Through Sports
With technical support from Magic Bus Foundation of Mumbai, in May 2015, we launched a large scale education through Sports programme in our villages. Through a customized sports based curriculum, we are working for the physical, mental, emotional and social development of over 3000 children from around 150 villages in Chirang district.
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Over 150 trained youth volunteers called CYLs (Community Youth Leaders) lead weekly sports sessions with children’s groups and through that, we address children’s education, hygiene and health; gender equality; peace and justice; child rights and also their socio-emotional learning.
We have also introduced “Ultimate Frisbee” in our Deosri cluster as another tool of development for children in our evening study centres. It is showing very positive results in terms of increase in school attendance,

Youth Development Programme
The S4D programme for children is being carried out by over 150 CYLs –Community Youth Leaders. These CYLs chosen by their villages volunteer 2 hours a week to run the S4D sessions for children of their village. On our part, we will ensure this group of youth also gets opportunities to develop and realize their own potential. We hope to work on the all-round development of our young CYLs, including making available opportunities for securing their livelihoods. We hope to be able to offer vocational skills development in our centre which has been built.
In addition, we support our youth to protect and preserve their music, dance and other positive expressions of their culture.