Student Interns and Volunteers


Every year, the ant gets many requests and also hosts a number of students and young professionals for varying amounts of time.  Depending on the skills, interest, experience of the volunteer, the intern, and the need of the organisation at that point of time, we design a learning programme for that person, which is mutually beneficial both for the intern and also for the organisation.

The student interns and volunteers take part in the various field programmes of the ant as well as help us in carrying out studies and research. With our varied and multi-level activities and programmes, generally we are able to match the interests of the volunteers with that of the organization.

Internship Policy of the ant

Internship Policy of the ant – 2014

Application form for Internship


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 Our past interns speak ” “

The journey at ‘the ant’ helped me get the on ground experience. Getting in touch with the villages and its people directly has added humungous value to my life, I have definitely grown as a human. The intimate interviews with the women group members and their life story has left me only more inspired and rejuvenated to carry on my journey as a social worker and as a woman. Shivi Upadhyay

The entire field experience has been extremely helpful in deepening my understanding of livelihood issues at the grassroots and the day to day difficulties encountered by the handloom industry. One of my most cherished experiences on the field however is of the love and hospitality that I received from the organisation and especially from the weavers in the villages. Despite having access to limited resources, I was welcomed and made to feel at home for the duration of my stay with them. Working with the entire team for these six weeks and interacting with these tough women has left me inspired and a humble person. Tania Mallik