Strengthening the North East Voluntary Sector


IDeA (the Institute of Development Action) was set up in 2007 just for this. Apart from training personnel of NGOs, IDeA is also involved in carrying out Northeast centric social research on various topics.To start making and feeling a difference in society, we cannot work alone. We need a strong voluntary sector with many more development organisations. Thus, apart from its own direct village development work, the ant has set itself a mandate of helping build up a vibrant voluntary sector in the Northeast.

IDeA now has over 30 active partner NGOs from various parts of Assam whom it has taken through an intensive 8 – 9 months training (classes were held in short phases with hand holding support in the field by our faculty). Even after the trainings have ended, these partners themselves took the initiative to come together to form a mutual support group called the “Forum of Voluntary Sector of Assam”. These organisations are our strength if we have to reach out to any part of Assam or the Northeast and even do work on a much larger scale than we are currently doing.

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