the ant (the action northeast trust) is a voluntary organization registered as a public charitable trust in Bongaigaon, Assam since October 2000. the ant focuses its work on bettering lives of the poorest and disadvantaged sections of the northeastern region of India. It works directly for holistic development with children, youth, women, farmers, mentally ill patients & those affected by ethnic conflicts in over 250 villages in Chirang District of Bodoland. Its strategies include forming women’s collectives, giving village children development and learning opportunities through sports, active science classes etc.; promoting cross-community interactions and nurturing safe spaces for non-violent conflict resolution; promoting livelihoods which are safe and sustainable and also running a community mental health programme.

Apart from its direct village work, the ant has also started a weaving organisation called “aagor” which gives work to over 140 women weavers; it also runs a training centre for building up capacities of other NGOs in the Assam and other northeast states; it also runs a Craft Trust in Bangalore to promote a positive image of the northeast through selling high quality art and crafts.

To work towards sustainable and holistic development with rural and poor voiceless communities mainly in the northeast.

A peaceful world where there is love, respect and dignity for all.

Ahimsa, honesty, humility, love, trust, truth and forgiveness.