Like playful dolphins, we wanted to bring joy and fun into the learning experience of children in government schools. 

Project Dolphin was thus started in 2017 with a pilot phase in 12 village hamlets around Bengtol area in Chirang district. ‘Joyful Learning Centres’ have been set up in schools to provide spaces for enriched learning of science, maths, reading and writing.

Learning is not from books and so, dedicated hours for sports and other recreational activities are also part of the curriculum. In order to inculcate an understanding of rights and democratic values in children, their parliaments are organised. They democratically elect their leaders for different activities like sports, health, etc. We also address the problem of high drop-out rate in the middle schools owing to poor performance in science exams. An interactive science program with the use of attractive science kits and experiments is underway in one Middle School selected in the project area.

This project being in a fragile conflict affected area, also aims at building social integration between different ethnic communities and reducing conflicts by uniting different communities to work for quality education.

While children are the prime focus of our work, we also know that young adults are at a greater risk of exploitation in conflict-affected areas. In order to harness their youthful energy, youth groups have been formed in the villages. These would culminate into federations, where teenagers belonging to different ethnic communities will get together, discuss about current problems and develop action plans. Quarterly workshops are also held to sensitize them on the themes of gender, health, environment, education, career etc.


Eyeing sustainability, we felt it is important for the community itself to galvanize and safeguard child rights. Hence Village Level Child Protection Committees have been formed in the area, and regular sensitization workshops and consultation meetings on the issue of child rights are being held with various stakeholders like  village headmen, ASHA workers, government officials and organisations like CSOs and VOs.

Number of Joyful Learning Centres – 5

Number of children and youth benefited- 440

children's parliament in Bengtol schools
Children electing their peer leaders during children’s Parliament