Stroking the Peace Stove

Women of Chirang Teach and Learn in Peace

Some came to learn and some came to teach. Forgetting their differences, Bodo and Bengali Muslim women bonded over mud “chowkas” (cooking stoves) on. The stoves made by Bengali Muslim women use lesser wood and emits lesser smoke. In a training organized by the ant, an NGO working for the development of all communities in Chirang D in correct proportions istrict, Bodo women learnt from their Bengali Muslim counterparts on how to make and use these stoves. With jungles disappearing, firewood is becoming a crisis and women have to spend many hours of the day gathering firewood fuel or the families spending a lot of money to it.

16 Bodo women from villages in Amteka, Patabari and Rowmari participated in the training held yesterday on 18th March 2015 in the ant’s campus in Rowmari. Fumala Khatun and Asma Khatun of Koliagaon village were the trainers and under their guidance, working in teams of two, the trainees learnt to mix in the right proportions soil and cowdung and shape the low fuel and low-smoke wood stoves. Domonti Brahma, one of the organizers of the training and also a trainee herself said that “some of our Bodo women walk for 2-3 kms in search of firewood and so, fuel efficient stoves will be very much helpful and save their time and also money spent in firewood”.

Laughing and learning together, it was encouraging to see women from communities supposedly “in conflict” work together to help find solutions to day-to-day problems faced by village women.

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